Lookout Microsoft!!

Here comes DotProject!

No, the "Dot" has nothing to do with "dot net" I guess it just sounds cool. I've been working with the codebase and its really excellent. And believe me, I know BAD CODE. CaseySoftware has accounced soon the availablity of an import from MS Project module. Read about it here. This is very exciting. I've been thinking of how to present this to my company. They have a few installs of MS Project, but since its expensive. If we had a version available to more people, I think we would use it more. And since DP is web based it eleminates installation headaches on users computers and they can access it from home or wherever they are!



thats me screaming like the kid on home alone


Ok, I have seen some bad stuff..even written some myself, but this... is the worst.


Report from PHP Chicago User Group

Well I finally quit being shy and went to the PHP Chicago User Group meeting last night. It was the first time I had been on the "L" train in Chicago, usually the Red Line subway takes me where I want to go. I will say that L is more fun than the subway. The things you see in office buildings at 8:00 at night...

We had 9 people there I think, including me. The founder of the group, Rich seemed quite surprised at the number of people there!

There was no topics really, we started with "are there any php questions?" and one guy talked about needing a framework to keep track of RPG characters. That lead to a disussion of "BOO" to the often hacked PHP-NUKE, POST-NUKE, and praise for MamboServer and Type 03 (or typeo 3 or type o3? I can't find it on google) Larry said that you had to increase PHP's memory limit just to install it...and Jordan said it was well worth looking at!

After that, we did some informal introductions.

Scott has written an article at sitepoint about using JEdit to edit PHP, I'm going to check that out tonight.

Anyways, kinda fun! I felt like I was back in college, sitting in the lab with the geeks talking about programming :)


Search For Spock

... is what I just put in the DVD drive. I love Star Trek. I only have ST the movies 1-3 on DVD though. Just the perfect way to wind down after a 4 day busy week of programming..........and I've learned 3 important things this week:

1. I was using PEAR QuickForm wrong, kinda. Instead of utilizing the $form->getSumittedValues() I was using $_POST, and seting tons of state variables ("showAddForm" then "addData" etc).. all I had to do was remember which mode I was in, add edit or delete ... and then just check to see if the form was submitted. When it was, I did the database action. I get so tired of the mundane add/edit/delete/list all functions of maintaining data in a table. I wrote a pretty generic class to do this operation on a set of tables. Anyways, I must carry on..

2. Using GET method for anything other than retreival is against specs.. which is why.. things like Google Web Accellerator can do some serious damage if you have links on your site like "< a href = "maintain.php?task=del&id=4" etc........ yikes....

the evil google web accelerator here http://37signals.com/svn/archives2/google_web_accelerator_hey_not_so_fast_an_alert_for_web_app_designers.php
(dudes..could you have used a LONGER file name! geez!)

3. Uhhh... never trust any VARIABLE .. not even server vars...
Read about it here: http://blog.phpdoc.info/archives/13-XSS-Woes.html

I have found so mnay php bloggers, its amazing. I just love it. I'm addicted I think.

ok I have finished my adult beverage.... I think its time to go look for spock as a tired php programmer drifts off to sleep......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz