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... is what I just put in the DVD drive. I love Star Trek. I only have ST the movies 1-3 on DVD though. Just the perfect way to wind down after a 4 day busy week of programming..........and I've learned 3 important things this week:

1. I was using PEAR QuickForm wrong, kinda. Instead of utilizing the $form->getSumittedValues() I was using $_POST, and seting tons of state variables ("showAddForm" then "addData" etc).. all I had to do was remember which mode I was in, add edit or delete ... and then just check to see if the form was submitted. When it was, I did the database action. I get so tired of the mundane add/edit/delete/list all functions of maintaining data in a table. I wrote a pretty generic class to do this operation on a set of tables. Anyways, I must carry on..

2. Using GET method for anything other than retreival is against specs.. which is why.. things like Google Web Accellerator can do some serious damage if you have links on your site like "< a href = "maintain.php?task=del&id=4" etc........ yikes....

the evil google web accelerator here http://37signals.com/svn/archives2/google_web_accelerator_hey_not_so_fast_an_alert_for_web_app_designers.php
(dudes..could you have used a LONGER file name! geez!)

3. Uhhh... never trust any VARIABLE .. not even server vars...
Read about it here: http://blog.phpdoc.info/archives/13-XSS-Woes.html

I have found so mnay php bloggers, its amazing. I just love it. I'm addicted I think.

ok I have finished my adult beverage.... I think its time to go look for spock as a tired php programmer drifts off to sleep......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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