Got Stress?


Reduce Stress, Write a Test

Good article. Right now at work, I've put off some coding because i know it will be a pain to test. I've considered how to write unit tests for this, but since the whole page is procedural, I can't break it up. If I re-write it as a class or at least functions, I might be able to write a unit test for it.

I recently wrote a unit test for a simple logging class. I realized it didn't work the same on different versions of PHP, so I decided to make a unit test so I could see where it failed and where to fix.

Test test test!


Two is better than One

I don't like programming by myself. At my job, I am the lone programmer. My boss meddles around a bit, but as he is responsible for about 50 other things, he doesn't get to do too much. I had a co-worker for 1.5 years, and that make work more enjoyable and I was able to bounce ideas off him, when I got stuck he could see my problem etc. This also applies to other situations as well. Two candy bars are better than one. Two beers are better than one. Two dollars are better than one. I'm better married to Mr. Nick. :)

Today Ivan asked if I'd like to work on some small projects together, something to the effect of "Extreme Programming" methodology. I said that would be great! We are both doing some work for Casey Software which is great as well. I want to perhaps work on a Order module for Dot Project or work to improve the existing Inventory Module. I just am nuts about the framework -- its not perfect, but the coding is very nice, well built (and I'm picky) so it makes it more fun to work with. :)

Link of interest to me today: Smarty as a sub language - I like Smarty. I can also see the side that php can itself be a templating engine.

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