I find it sort of spooky that the letters of my name N O L A are also the abbreviations for an area that they say might become the next atlantis. The town is under water and more water expected.

I remembered the company where I get my domain name from, DirectNIC was in NO, LA. So I loaded up their webpage today and found a link to a blog of one of the employees who is hold up there in the office.

His Blog:

I chatted with him on IM a few minutes. Its the real deal.

I find myself feeling helpless like on 9-11. Sitting and watching TV and feeling numb.

Updated: updated the link to his blog. I know *some* say he's stupid for staying, but he is safe, he's smart and he's been able to help at least a few people. I think that takes more courage than running.

Review of Ultra Edit and Ultra Edit Studio

I did a review for CodeSnipers.com .. see here:

CodeSnipers.com - Software Review: UltraEdit 11 and Ultra Edit Studio 5


Teaching someone to program

I've been after my husband to learn programming. He'd be so good at it, he's so smart. I tried teaching him HTML, which is actually pretty BORING. He was not too interested. SO I said, ok fine.. we'll learn HTML as needed (templates where possible, using Dreamweaver), I'll start with PHP instead. I thought, what is the first thing to teach? He told me he wanted to learn something and build on and keep building on from there.

I'm learning Ruby too, so when I was thinking, ok how do I learn ruby? I fired it up and did some simple things to see how it worked.

For a very first lesson .. for him on PHP and me on Ruby, I made a simple list

1. Define a string.
2. Print a string.
3. Learn how to write a function and call it.
4. Use the function to print a string.
5. Throw in the < br / > tag to display line endings in html.

For Lesson Two, I have this planned.
1. Define variables.
2. Print a variable.
3. Learn IF statement
4. Conditionally display a variable based on another variables value.

That’s it so far, I was going to look through my Deitel and Deitel Java 2 How to Program book to find some halfway decent and interesting programming exercises and programs to assign to "us" and see if we can do it in php. I think the first project will be a simple app to add two numbers, with input boxes. Then from there, I want to write a application to determine the winner/loser in an attack in his favorite card game, VS. That should prove to be a little more interesting and its something where he already understands the algorithm. :)

Anybody else have any insight in teaching someone to program?


PHP's echo

I found something out I didn't know the other day, while writing a blog entry for CodeSnipers.com a wealth of information for coders of all types! I so happen to be the only one writing about web development at the moment, but hey we can all learn from each other - right? Checkout the php echo stuff... anybody besides me didn't know you could do echo $var1, ' ' $var2;

I am very interested in Ruby and "Rails". I am going to do a series of comparisons of php and ruby on CodeSnipers -- stay tuned! First entry was how to display output .. and Ruby has some nifty things like $\ and $, for formatting, read more Here!!

Frustrated at my "day job" ... I constantly have the need for DAO's and well I started a blog post about it. Basically, I am unable to use premade DAOs and find it most most extremely frustrating to have to write my own when already exists some.

I am looking for a new job, PHP / MySQL developer. Let me know if you hear anything. Bah.