PHP's echo

I found something out I didn't know the other day, while writing a blog entry for CodeSnipers.com a wealth of information for coders of all types! I so happen to be the only one writing about web development at the moment, but hey we can all learn from each other - right? Checkout the php echo stuff... anybody besides me didn't know you could do echo $var1, ' ' $var2;

I am very interested in Ruby and "Rails". I am going to do a series of comparisons of php and ruby on CodeSnipers -- stay tuned! First entry was how to display output .. and Ruby has some nifty things like $\ and $, for formatting, read more Here!!

Frustrated at my "day job" ... I constantly have the need for DAO's and well I started a blog post about it. Basically, I am unable to use premade DAOs and find it most most extremely frustrating to have to write my own when already exists some.

I am looking for a new job, PHP / MySQL developer. Let me know if you hear anything. Bah.


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