Its a SQL Thing

I want to do something like this:

SELECT h.username AS user
FROM userdata AS h
WHERE user="nstowe";

I am using the ALIAS of h.username, in my WHERE.

I'm using MySQL.

It doesn't work, although I would of thought it would. Any ideas? is this same for Oracle, PG?


Feeling the Love

I just left the Chicago Ruby group, who met for the first time in downtown Chicago. Previously, they met in the burbs which made it hard for many of us to get to in the evenings. We had a whopping 32 some odd people there. Awesome! Many of the attendees were new and we had some advanced programmers like a couple of guys from 37 Signals (I feel like they are famous, I almost asked for their autographs!) There also seemed to be a lot of interest in this group and I'm excited. Its not actually too far of a walk from my office...if you know where you are going. One of the girls from the php group went with me… we uhh, went around the block a time since I didn't print out a map, just drew a zig zag line on paper with the address (doh) .. seemed simple at the time. Not so in the dark!

I met another geeky girl! Desi who works for Thoughtworks. She was very nice. Seems like a nice company to work for, I saw posters on the wall about agile development. Man, I'd sure like to work somewhere where I wasn't the only programmer, and it would be awesome to work with another woman. Desi said she was trying to get more contact with other women in development. *grin* I'm not alone!

They did something I've never seen before. There was a table in the center with 6 chairs, they started with 5 volunteers. The topic was why a company should develop with Ruby, pros and cons. When someone wanted to join in, they sat in the empty chair and then someone else left. It was fascinating. It was like watching programmers tv. I didn't have anything to say, so I didn't join in. Very cool.

After the 10 minute break the group had shrinked to about half. They talked about possible topics for future meetings. Looks pretty exciting.

Everytime I almost didn't go to a meeting I've really enjoyed it. I almost didn't go tonight, partly because I couldn't find anybody to go with (but I did after all, Jen came with me!), I wasn't familiar with the location, and I thought I should get some other stuff done.. but Nick said I should go and network. And MrNick is always right.

BTW... going live Tuesday afternoon about 1PM CST is my "Stupidly easy MVC in php or We don't need no stinkin' framework!" article on CodeSnipers.com. Check it out. :)