MakinDo 0.1

I had a brilliant idea today. I tried to get a client to consider RoR and got the expected response. Hey, I'll make a Framework called "Makin' Do" here's a list of features I've come up with so far:

  • PHP 4.0
  • MySQL 3.17
  • No Pear
  • Does not include any ridiculous testing apparatus (who needs it anyways?)
  • No template system needed
  • Database migration tools? that’s a self-service feature, best way is to just keep it in your brain, then you don’t need to worry about backing it up.
  • Mixes PHP and HTML saves on the number of files you need. Less files you have the better.
  • Uses extremely long file names, that way you can tell what's in the file without even opening it example ("/department/officemanagement/administration/catalog/springCatalogUpdatePage.class.php")
  • Design patterns make it hard for mere mortals to understand, therefore you will not find any in this framework.
  • Uses PHP Globals. Less typing then instead of hammering out $_POST, $_REQUEST, and $_GET

So how bout it?? did I miss anything??

And I think I will even make it a commercial product, since this is just the sort of things corporations dig!

There. I feel better 


Blogger damien gilles said...


That's some great framework you've got in mind, I cannot wait to see it in action! ;o)

Seriously, what about the SEMVC "stupidly easy MVC" as you described in

I really liked the simplicity of it. This is the first article on MVC that I've read so far which did make sense to me (note that I'm not a programmer). I wish you would find the time elaborate a little more on it. May be building a sample application that could later be used as a lightweight framework? It could also be a better way to show prospective clients what neat and clean code can do for them. At least I like this idea better than the framework you've just blogged about! ;o)

4:13 AM  
Blogger Nola said...

I have actually just today posted some more about the Stupidly Easy MVC Framework. http://codesnipers.com/?q=node/233&&title=More-Stupidly-Easy-MVC-in-PHP

10:37 PM  
Blogger damien gilles said...

Thanks. I'll go and read it right away!

3:19 AM  

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