Noobs helping Noobs

I have recently got on IRC. I've been on the #rubyonrails for a few days. I, a rails noob, has even managed to help a few other noobs. One problem I helped with, seems to have something to do with strange characters in your file, you get some strange error about \\034 character (or something really weird) -- I found it by pasting my code into windows notepad and finding some strange unprintable character. I had copy/pasted I think some content from word (smacks head).

I'm starting to learn enough RoR to no longer feel like a poser at the next ruby meeting...which by the way, Jim Weirich, creator of Rake is going to speak... and... I also found a podcast yesterday with him.... AND one about Selenium (whoo hoo!):

Jim Weircih, Ruby on Rails Podcast (mp3)

QA Podcast - Selenium

I also got the pleasure of meeting (over IM) Ian Langworth, author of Perl Testing - A Developers Notebook. Andy Lester hooked us up in group IM chat. Very cool. :)

Pretty cool...


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