Not that anybody cares...

I'm getting a new laptop on tuesday.. selling my old one on Sunday and handing over possession of it at noon.

That leaves me practically 3 days with no computer. Sunday afternoon/evening.. monday... tuesday.. since I won't actually have my computer till I get home tuesday, and thats assuming it ships on schedule.

Boo hoo.

SO I have these two old crap machines. I thought they had Windows NT on them. BUt noooooo.. boot them up "unable to find operating system" ... and I sure as heck don't want to install Win98 .. gosh... no.. I had enough of the every 6 month install back in the day.

So I'm trying to make a copy of Ubuntu LIVE and Install. I wanted the Live to try it out.. and install for when I decided I liked it. Coudn't get the LIVE to copy properly to the CD for nothing and I verified the MD5 and it was ok! ... was about ready to give up in dispair.. so I tried the Install. It seemed to work. I put it in my crap machine, told it to boot from CD and now its working. So far...

My husband is being an ASS and won't let me run a cable accross the hallway to the router. Like he only crosses it when he goes to the bathroom. He said I could use his USB network thing. Well the piece of crap is so fat it won't fit in the USB with the monitor plug and PS2 (yes its an old pc).

Oh well.. guess you won't see me online or posting the next few days. I saw python flash by on the install. Guess I could tinker around with Python if nothing else.

My last post with this laptop, so long old friend. I must type my name alot, the N on the keyboard is half worn off!


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