View Rendered Source -- for IE

IE was being a bad boy and I wasn't sure it was rendering my ajax correctly. I was wishing for a View Rendered Source like I have for FF. I searched, found but it didn't install right..and found 2 commercial ones. Ugh. I don't know if work would go for that.

The I thought.. hmm I could make a link "view source" (for when I need to debug) and have it grab the text of html, format... and make it display? hmm.. I was working on that then left for lunch.

Then I get to Panera bread for lunch and realize.. hmm wonder if I can make this a bookmarklet so I don't need to put tag in my page... then I thought.. hmm maybe there already exists one... so I search.. and found one! and it works... its not color coded like FF but it works:




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