I'm rolling

Rolling with Ruby on Rails ... got the green light on converting an existing PHP project to Ruby On Rails. I wrote a bit about it on CodeSnipers.com ... I'm not actually rolling yetl...waiting on getting the server configured. Hmm, guess I'll need to get a new blog soon if I have no more php to do? ... I think, will I miss PHP? .. course I'm also learning Perl and Python.

Speaking of Python, I'm going to go crash the Python meeting tonight -- they are talking about testing Django with Selenium ... and I dig testing so it should be fun. I've found that of all the mailing lists for the groups in Chicago, the Python guys have the most fun.

I've been reading Intermediate Perl which brian d foy gave to me (he's a nice guy). It's really good, I can't seem to get into a book unless its an O'Reilly Book. So I've been doing a few little perl scripts.

I need a new template for the blog.. this green thing kinda sucks...for me anyways.

I seem to have borked my kubuntu install, in deperate attempts to get my cingular broadband cell card working in my laptop, i did some install/uninstall of some pcmcia things and now it won't boot properly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I did finally get it to recognize the card though.. sigh.. I keep remembering the words my dad says "Never give up! Never Surrender!!"


Blogger Randal L. Schwartz said...

Nice to see you're reading our book!

10:18 AM  

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