Farewell PHP

I keep a Ruby and Perl book next to my bed.

This morning I woke up and they were in my arms. Apparently, I grabbed them up in my sleep and held them. I didn't read before bed last night, so I don't know why I did that. I did read a little of Intermedia Perl while on treadmill and a bit afterwards.

Is it a sign?

Well, apparently so.

I got a call today for a perl job.

Did I take it?

Yes, Hell Yes.

Over the past 8 monthss or so... making friends first with Liz, then Andy Lester, then Josh McAdams and brian d foy I can't help it. I was saying I'd like a job in PHP5, Perl or Ruby. ... then after working with both Perl and Ruby, I said, only Perl or Ruby. And thats what I got. Perl. Perl is nifty and I love all the libraries and tools for it.

Will I miss php?

I don't honsestly know.

But I don't really think so..

So... so long PHP. You have been a good friend that has paid the bills the last 6 years. But its time to move on. Brief concise code awaits..


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Blogger Jonathan said...

So, are you now going to change your blog from PhpGirl to PerlGirl?

7:06 PM  
Blogger Nola said...

actually... I setup a new blog at http://AnythingButPHP.blogspot.com

8:32 PM  

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