Day 0: Unemployed

Well ... I had to leave my Perl/Ruby job because of financial difficulties of the company on Monday. But I still learned a ton of stuff and worked with some great people. When I left I had a job offer and another possible one, so it wasn't too upsetting to leave. SO - only one day of unemployment. I would have been very worried leaving and not having any options for employment.

So it seems that my fate is PHP but its all good. I guess I'm just a language freak .. I like perl, ruby too! Next is Python or maybe... smalltalk..


Dear PHP,

The past few months I've been doing perl for my day job, hacking around with ruby in my free time. I've been to YAPC::NA (perl conference) and sat in a two day intermediate perl training class. I've worked for about two months with mod_perl and mason.

I miss you!

After getting a migrane trying to do AJAX with mod_perl and mason, I said.. hey.. php is not so bad, at least I can do AJAX with it.

Last week in perl, I tried passing any array in a form with this:

<input name="data[first]" type="text">
<input name="data[last]" type="text">

Then I was like -- wait, thats not array in perl...that would be considered a hash. So I changed the [ ] to { } ... it didn't work. So I ask my boss, I can do such and such a form in PHP and get my data in as an array, how do you do that in perl? ... He said, well I never saw such a thing. I ask a few other perl people and they thought I was crazy. So I ask some php people and they were like "uhh I never did such a thing?" .. so am I crazy? ... I wrote a parser in perl so I could still do this and it turned out to be pretty handy. I'm told there exists a way to do with CGI perl module but I couldn't figure it out.

So I have become a bit disenchanted with perl as a web development language, at least for the front end. I still like it and will continue to do Perl. I love Devel::Cover for checking test coverage. I think CPAN is neat and will probably submit some modules soon. I've learned a ton doing perl and it has expanded my thinking. I've often said that learning other languages will do that -- say I'm stuck on how to do something in php, so I think.. how to do this in X language? and often I'll come up with an elegant solution.

I will maintain this blog of my php stuff again and my other for Perl/Ruby stuff.

I DID miss you PHP!