Dear PHP,

The past few months I've been doing perl for my day job, hacking around with ruby in my free time. I've been to YAPC::NA (perl conference) and sat in a two day intermediate perl training class. I've worked for about two months with mod_perl and mason.

I miss you!

After getting a migrane trying to do AJAX with mod_perl and mason, I said.. hey.. php is not so bad, at least I can do AJAX with it.

Last week in perl, I tried passing any array in a form with this:

<input name="data[first]" type="text">
<input name="data[last]" type="text">

Then I was like -- wait, thats not array in perl...that would be considered a hash. So I changed the [ ] to { } ... it didn't work. So I ask my boss, I can do such and such a form in PHP and get my data in as an array, how do you do that in perl? ... He said, well I never saw such a thing. I ask a few other perl people and they thought I was crazy. So I ask some php people and they were like "uhh I never did such a thing?" .. so am I crazy? ... I wrote a parser in perl so I could still do this and it turned out to be pretty handy. I'm told there exists a way to do with CGI perl module but I couldn't figure it out.

So I have become a bit disenchanted with perl as a web development language, at least for the front end. I still like it and will continue to do Perl. I love Devel::Cover for checking test coverage. I think CPAN is neat and will probably submit some modules soon. I've learned a ton doing perl and it has expanded my thinking. I've often said that learning other languages will do that -- say I'm stuck on how to do something in php, so I think.. how to do this in X language? and often I'll come up with an elegant solution.

I will maintain this blog of my php stuff again and my other for Perl/Ruby stuff.

I DID miss you PHP!


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